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When it comes to picking out the best cities to spend your retirement, there are several aspects to consider. The costs of living, quality of life, and extent of senior-friendly lifestyle affects the popularity of any neighborhood or city for retired individuals.

Here are our picks for the best US cities for retirees.

Orlando, Florida

19% of the population in Orlando is over the age of 60. It’s one of the most popular cities in Florida not only because of its improved quality of living and access to luxurious facilities and amenities, but also because of the tourist attractions it holds. Orlando is home to Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, Lego Land, and much more. These attractions are family-friendly, drawing thousands of visitors each year of all ages.

Retirees particularly enjoy Orlando’s infrastructure. Long, wide lanes bordered with blooming bushes and trees, large, open-spaced homes, and lush green lawns and parks are a sight to behold. Not to mention the array of restaurants, entertainment centers, shopping plazas, and fitness centers in the area that further promote a luxurious lifestyle. It’s definitely the place to be at if you want to pamper yourself in retirement.

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester is considered to be among the best metropolitan cities in the US for older citizens. The city has approximately 177 primary care providers per 100,000 senior residents, which is not very common in cities. With 65+ individuals making up 16% of the population, it’s one of the most coveted cities for retired individuals who want to make the most of their retirement days and live comfortably.

Surveys have shown that senior citizens in Rochester are better off financially as well as in terms of physical health in comparison with most other cities in the country. This gives the city yet another edge over its neighboring areas. Retirees who move to Rochester in hopes of a more comfortable future are rarely disappointed. The city has a senior-friendly atmosphere, with several restaurants, recreational centers, and other family-friendly sites.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is yet another popular city in Florida that has gained a reputation for catering to the senior community. It offers something for pretty much anyone. Whether you want a nice beach house and relax by the shore or interested in kayaking or hiking around the city, Jacksonville has it all. While the beach towns here are especially a hit among retired individuals, other neighborhoods in the city also attract an older crowd. Not to mention the many clubs, recreational centers, and other socializing hubs in the city that keep the community bursting with life.

Jacksonville, Florida, Bay, Harbor, Water, Reflections

Compared to many other cities in Florida, the cost of living in Jacksonville is low. This makes it an affordable city for retired individuals.  

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