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The Life Settlement Industry along the Years

In 2018, the life settlement industry saw significant growth, according to one survey. There was a 28% increase reported in the number of life insurance policies sold, and the face amount was also increased to $3.8 billion. There are several reasons for the industry continuing to thrive in recent...

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Is Your Life Insurance Policy An Asset?

An asset is defined to be something tangible or intangiblethat has cash value for the future. We don’t typically view life insurance policies as assets, but the truth is, certain types of life insurance policies qualify as assets.

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Using Life Insurance for Retirement Planning

A recent surveyshowed that while many Americans are aware that they don’t have enough savings for their retirement, few do anything to change this. This is where your life insurance policy comes in, making the ultimate retirement planning tool. Here’s how. Increased Cash Value While life insurance policies protect...

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